Kontaktwerk GmbH
Hanns-Robert Mayer
Am Oberen Berg 3
70597 Stuttgart

English Language Consultant

My cooperation partner
He is the director of a language school in Ireland and has been an English language consultant and teacher for over thirty years. He provides English language training for business and technical fields, especially for SMEs (Small to Medium-size Enterprises). Several times a year he stays in and around Stuttgart for in-company trainings and is therefore frequently available in the area.

Quick info
• English Language Teaching
• Specialised in SMEs
• Intensive Learning
• Business and Technical English
• Online or Offline
• Classroom or Individual
• In-Company or in Ireland

• Online and Offline English Language Courses
• Business and General English
• Preparation for Meetings, Presentations and Calls
• Online Teaching (regularly or as required)
• Intensive In-Company Teaching
• English Language Document Editing (Websites, Profiles, Con-tracts etc.)

Industry experience
English Language Training for
• Engineering
• Construction,
• Technical Services
• Marketing
• Medical Services
• Legal, Financial

Special benefits
• It’s your choice: online or offline, classroom or individual
tuition, in-company or in Ireland – we are flexible
• Work intensively in in-company situations.
• Take your family on a holiday to Ireland while you improve your language skills in an English-speaking environment (English-language immersion will enable you to make rapid progress)
• Quick response for document editing needs.

• Specialised in support for SMEs
• Knowledge of German language to assist with understanding problems with English.
• Ability to quickly adapt teaching style to suit individual needs.
• Experience working with many different nationalities.
• A light and 'fun' approach to learning and improving English.
• Master's Degree in English
• TEFL Certificate
• Experienced in Business English Training
• Author of several books for English Language
• Experienced in English Language Document Editing